What Are My Other Options?

The quest for a safe, reliable, long lasting soft tissue filler has resulted in various substances being tried with differing results. The goal is to have an injectable substance that is virtually the same as the body’s natural soft tissue. It should be non-allergenic, non-colored, and not cause lumpinesswhen properly placed. In addition, it should last a long time between needing to be injected again.

Over the years various substances have been tried with various amounts of success. We are closer today than we have ever beenin finding the “perfect” filler.

For some areas such as fat depressions and lips, using your own fat harvested from any area where you may have some extra, works well. This does require “harvesting” the fat (a small procedure done under local anesthesia using a special needle) and not being able to predict accurately how much of the fat will remain over time. The big plus is you are using your own, natural, soft tissue filler.

For most people who want to keep it simple, Juvederm, Restylane and Amelian are good choices. These compounds are made up of the same molecules (hyaluronic acid) found in your skin that provide the “plumpness” that is associated with youth. They are crystal clear and can be injected with minimal discomfort using topical anesthetics. They last up to one year and give excellent results in reducing moderate to severe wrinkles and folds found on the face.

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