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Whether due to age, pregnancy, weight loss or genetics, sagging breasts can once again be elevated to youthful heights with breast lift surgery.

What is a Breast Lift?

Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to lift and shape a woman’s breasts. Age, pregnancy, and weight loss are just a few factors that can cause breasts to sag; this procedure is specially designed to counter them. Our breast lift plastic surgery professionals are highly experienced in performing breast surgery, often attracting patients from neighboring areas. 

With over 10 years of experience, our breast lift surgeons are able to give their patients the advice and quality care that they deserve when undergoing breast surgery.



  • Level 1: Mild sagging – The patient’s areolas are level with the breast crease, but breast tissue is still visible below the areolas.

  • Level 2Moderate sagging – The patient’s areolas sit below the breast crease, but breast tissue is still visible below the areolas.

  • Level 3Significant sagging – The patient’s areolas sit below the breast crease with no visible breast tissue below the areolas.

  • Pseudoptosis – The patient’s areolas are above the breast crease, but majority of breast tissue hangs below the breast crease.


An initial consultation at M-E CLINIC is the first step to beginning your breast lift journey. This is the time Dr. Mohamed ELAssal will perform an examination to determine which surgical method you would benefit from most. A customized surgical plan will then be drawn up for you to optimize your individual results. Custom preparation and recovery instructions will also be provided at this time. Before and after pictures will be available for your viewing to get an idea of breast lift results, but please remember outcomes vary since each procedure is tailored to the individual. Questions are highly encouraged so please ask anything that comes to mind, even if you do not think it is applicable. Patient comfortability both emotionally and physically is our top priority.

Methods Used

Crescent/Circumareolar Technique

A breast lift can be performed with small incisions, either on the upper half of the areola(crescent) or around the entire areola (circumareolar.) A large advantage of these techniques is the fact that the incisions are camouflaged in the already distinct border between the color of the breast and the areola. These incisions also allow for the reduction of areola size. However, these techniques are only effective for women who experience minor sagging; women experiencing a large amount of sagging will require a more extensive lift.

Vertical Technique

Also known as the keyhole or lollipop technique, the vertical technique involves one incision made around the circumference of the areola, and another made from the base of the areola incision to the base of the breast. This additional incision allows the surgeon more lifting capability.

Anchor Technique

The anchor technique is reserved for women with a significant amount of sagging that the aforementioned techniques would not be able to address. In addition to a circumferential areola incision and a vertical incision, a third incision is made following the natural breast crease, mimicking the shape of an anchor. Extensive lifting is performed with these incisions, with the appropriate amount of skin and tissue excised
for a
beautifully lifted and proportional breasts.

Crescent / Circumareolar Technique
Vertical Technique
Anchor Technique


After your surgeon completes your breast lift surgery, you will be transported to our comfortable recovery room where you will slowly wake from the anesthesia with the company of our attentive, friendly nursing staff. Some patients may require drains; if they are necessary for your case cleaning instructions will be provided. Your breasts will be wrapped in dressing and supported with a surgical bra. It is important that this remains on at all times until your surgeon says otherwise. Bruising and swelling is a normal occurrence after breast surgery and will resolve on its own. Any discomfort you experience can be eased with prescribed pain medication.

Please do not sleep on your stomach, a beach chair position (head and back elevated) is recommended to help reduce swelling quicker. It is possible for you to return to work after two or three days. Heavy lifting and vigorous physical activities should be avoided for about 4 weeks or until otherwise instructed. A follow-up visit will be scheduled to assess healing progress and adjust instructions appropriately if necessary.


Your final breast lift results can be enjoyed once all traces of swelling and bruising have vanished. Scars resulting from surgery will fade with good care over time.

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